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Word usage examples

The librarian had decided not to push the man further, but had taken his evasiveness as a good sign.

Efforts to prove the truth of this had been inconclusive, but this inconclusiveness was in itself an affirmative answer: The computers were not capable of evasion, and it had been obvious that evasiveness was at work here.

But there is one motive which is shared by too many businessmen and which is the penalty for renouncing the intellect: an unconfessed fear of ideas under the professed conviction that ideas are futile, which leads to a nervously stubborn evasiveness, an anxious feeling or hope that wealth as such is power, that only material possessions are of practical importance.

The idea of using seawater evaporators to get continuous fresh water had been used on only the last two black ships, and the Brothers on both ships, including Pendak, were spending more time and order-mastery on holding the evaporators together than on the rest of the power plants, including even the newer turbines.

And the vat had to be a waste separator, designed to send liquids to the recycling evaporators and solids to the replicator mass reclaimers.

As usual, it did not, and before long he was once more reduced to dependence on the inadequate evaporative efforts of his thermosensitive shorts and vest.

His heat would balance out the evaporative cooling of the earth, and he should be able to blend into the background.

It was based in an evaporative solvent which was identified as a coal-tar derivative, but the purified sap was from an ancient Coccus lacca insect extinct for millennia.

At the same time, because of the evaporative process, there is water vapour in the snow mass and, due to the low temperature, the separate granules tend to bond together by freezing.

When the tentacles do not begin moving for a much longer time, namely, from half an hour to three or four hours, the particles have been slowly brought into contact with the glands, either by the secretion being absorbed by the particles or by its gradual spreading over them, together with its consequent quicker evaporation.