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Word usage examples

Holds the maneuvering room, propulsion and electrical turbines, main condensers, numerous pumps, evaporator, air conditioners, reduction gear, clutch, EPM, and shaft seals.

I work down there, fume sewers, evaporators, recyclers, backup spewing filters.

It would take that long for enough sap to run from tree through lateral line to mainline to sugarhouse, to warrant firing up the evaporator.

The Relative Proportion of the Heating Surfaces in the Elements of the Multiple Evaporator and their Actual Dimensions -- The Pressure Exerted by Currents of Steam and Gas upon Floating Drops of Water -- The Motion of Floating Drops of Water upon which Press Currents of Steam -- The Splashing of Evaporating Liquids -- The Diameter of Pipes for Steam, Alcohol, Vapour and Air -- The Diameter of Water Pipes -- The Loss of Heat, from Apparatus and Pipes to the Surrounding Air, and Means for Preventing the Loss -- Condensers -- Heating Liquids by Means of Steam -- The Cooling of Liquids -- The Volumes to be Exhausted from Condensers by the Air-pumps -- A Few Remarks on Air-pumps and the Vacua they Produce -- The Volumetric Efficiency of Air-pumps -- The Volumes of Air which must be Exhausted from a Vessel in order to Reduce its Original Pressure to a Certain Lower Pressure -- Index.

He was called the evap watchkeeper because his duties were largely concerned with the evaporators, huge white-lagged contraptions on each side of the compartment.

She picked out engineering features: evaporators, demisters, generators, turbines, condenser tubing.

I work down there, fume sewers, evaporators, recyclers, backup spewing filters.

His job was to fire up the arch under the evaporator pan and to restack wood as the pile was depleted.

Modern vacuum evaporation can drop energy needs by two thirds, and condensing the water from the evaporators gives safe water for washing the bagasse.

The idea of using seawater evaporators to get continuous fresh water had been used on only the last two black ships, and the Brothers on both ships, including Pendak, were spending more time and order-mastery on holding the evaporators together than on the rest of the power plants, including even the newer turbines.