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Word usage examples

It was agreed that Willis should be under the espionage of Arabin for the night, and that he should take him home if practicable on the following morning.

Garson knew he was no match for Iota in the devious field of espionage.

The problem is that the Khelat are instinctive warriors, not particularly respecting the professions of espionage and such.

Admitting to Ronyon that she knew about Kosta might get him to talk more freely, but it would also damn her as an accessory to espionage if he ever repeated that to Forsythe.

East German espionage compared to some of the spacey shenanigans Seven has dragged me into over the last few years?

Spies received such unmarked items, even if the agents themselves usually did not turn up in them as the voyeuristic objects of their own espionage.

But the situation for Waldhorn was this, that if he resigned and left the place he would only come the more closely under immediate espionage.

Moreover, she so organized her system of espionage as to make the old accountant tell her unwittingly all that he knew of the private life led by Denis, his wife Marthe, and their children, Lucien, Paul, and Hortense all, indeed, that was done and said in the modest little pavilion where the young people, in spite of their increasing fortune, were still residing, evincing no ambitious haste to occupy the large house on the quay.

Already, Lo Prek said, there were instances of sabotage, espionage, and generally antiwar sentiments abroad.

Safe house, Ethan decided, must be a generic espionage term for any hideout, for Cee took him not to a home but to a cheap hostel reserved for transients with Stationer work permits.