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Word usage examples

Or the rain might fall, as it does in Algeria, in endless deluges, making a wet dark well of the street, but the class was hardly distracted.

Was it retribution that I hoped to find as I set out from Alsatia, in the midst of the deluge, in the back of a mail-coach jostling along the Strand and into Charing Cross, heading slowly westward?

I wanted to look more closely at some of the curious links I thought I had identified connecting the sudden appearance of Viracocha to the deluge legends of the Incas and other Andean peoples.

Our first twenty-one miles to Twin Lakes, at the best speed, with good horses, occupied eight hours, three of which, in the middle of the night, were passed under deluging rain accompanied by thunder and lightning of the most appalling grandeur, thumping in the shelterless wagon over stumps and bogholes through the dreary woods.

Except for the largest of them, the deluge of glacial runoff could change the course of a river from one season to the next as easily as the ice hill pingos of winter melted into the bogs of summer.

Centeotl, goddess of maize, 22, 134 Chac, Maya gods, 80 Chalchihuitlycue, an Aztec god, 123 Chantico, an Aztec god, 138 Cherokees, location, 25 name of God, 51 serpent myth, 115 baptism, 128 deluge, 205 priests, 281 Chia, goddess of Muyscas, 134 Chichimec, 139 n.

Deluging Heaven with fire, and the lashed deeps Glitter and boil beneath: it rages on, One mighty stream, whirlwind and waves upthrown, Lightning, and hail, and darkness eddying by.

The Gomez cocaine cartel has been after the Encinas mountain coffee plantations since before the Deluge, as often as not with open warfare.

From their evidence, and from that which has preceded, we shall find, that the Deluge was the grand epocha of every antient kingdom.

Besides their own rain the Fens were deluged with the water from thirteen counties.