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crance cranch cranck

Word usage examples

While Jonathan Sewall fell almost immediately in love with Esther, whom he would eventually marry, Adams, Richard Cranch, and Bela Lincoln were all in eager pursuit of the high-spirited Hannah.

In the company of Richard Cranch, Adams had been seeing more and more of the Smith family, about whom he had had a change of heart.

On an evening with the Cranches, when a visiting Englishman began extolling the English sense of justice, Adams exploded, taking everyone by surprise, and Adams as much as any.

But it was also possible that Adams needed no persuading, and that in what she wrote to Mary Cranch, Abigail was speaking for both of them.

Mary Cranch, Cotton Tufts, and others--both the Adamses seem to have concluded that there was to be no second term for them.

Her sister Mary Cranch, of whom Abigail was extremely fond, continued to reside nearby in Braintree with her husband and family.

At Braintree they moved in quietly with the Cranches until their furniture could be delivered from the ship.

Abigail's nephew, William Cranch, who was nominated and approved for the circuit court of the District of Columbia, went on to have a distinguished fifty-year career, both as a judge and a court reporter.

Now, Abigail reported to Mary Cranch, the young man fretted that his Boston law practice was so slow taking hold.

She rubbed one of her tired eyes, and let poor Crance take the offending paper away to his own desk.