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Word usage examples

The gome vpon Gryngolet glyde3 hem vnder, Thur3 mony misy and myre, mon al hym one, Carande for his costes, lest he ne keuer schulde To se the seruyse of that syre, that on that self ny3t Of a burde wat3 borne oure baret to quelle.

Thenne lyst the lady to loke on the kny3t, Thenne com ho of hir closet with mony cler burde3.

That other wyth a gorger wat3 gered ouer the swyre, Chymbled ouer hir blake chyn with chalkquyte vayles, Hir frount folden in sylk, enfoubled ayquere, Toreted and treleted with tryfle3 aboute, That no3t wat3 bare of that burde bot the blake broyghes, The tweyne y3en and the nase, the naked lyppe3, And those were soure to se and sellyly blered.

Gawan and the gay burde togeder thay seten, Euen inmydde3, as the messe metely come, And sythen thur3 al the sale as hem best semed.

My lorde and his lede3 ar on lenthe faren, Other burne3 in her bedde, and my burdez als, The dor drawen and dit with a derf haspe.

The freke ferde with defence, and feted ful fayre-- "Tha3 I were burde bryyghtest," the burde in mynde hade.

Bot the burde hym blessed, and "Bi this skyl" sayde: "So god as Gawayn gaynly is halden, And cortaysye is closed so clene in hymseluen, Couth not ly3tly haf lenged so long wyth a lady, Bot he had craued a cosse, bi his courtaysye, Bi sum towch of summe tryfle at sum tale3 ende.

Thenne comaunded the lorde in that sale to samen alle the meny, Bothe the ladyes on loghe to ly3t with her burdes Bifore alle the folk on the flette, freke3 he beddez Verayly his venysoun to fech hym byforne, And al godly in gomen Gawayn he called, Teche3 hym to the tayles of ful tayt bestes, Schewe3 hym the schyree grece schorne vpon rybbes.

Quoth that burde to the burne, "Blame 3e disserue, Yghif 3e luf not that lyf that yghe lye nexte, Bifore alle the wy3e3 in the worlde wounded in hert, Bot if 3e haf a lemman, a leuer, that yow lyke3 better, And folden fayth to that fre, festned so harde That yow lausen ne lyst--and that I leue nouthe.

The  burden of darkness  was evidently  too  much  to  overcome  with  their  thin  ration  of electricity from Nazca City.