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Word usage examples

I hadn't thought I'd be burdening Jinna with him, let alone a pony and cart.

I decided there was such a thing as burdening him with too much knowledge.

They have indulged in their first embrace, and said their farewells till to-morrow: Faust is about to depart, when Mephistopheles detains him and points to Marguerite, who is burdening the perfumed air with her new ecstasy.

But at the last the voice of Alfredo floats in at the window, burdening the air and her heart with an echo of the longing to which she had given expression in her brief moment of thoughtfulness.

The story of the Gevethen seemed to disturb Isgyrn disproportionately and though he seemed reluctant to discuss his own concerns, either from fear of further burdening his host, or because the memories and uncertainties were too recent, he told enough to show a common bond between their fates.

Cherish it as a grievance and you will twist and turn through your lives seeing only your own needs, and burdening all around you.

The terrible tiredness that had been burdening me all evening gradually eased.

Here I have a willow, a handkerchief, a shirt, I can twist them into a rope in a minute, and braces besides, and why go on burdening the earth, dishonouring it with my vile presence?

For it would have been discreditable to insist on burdening with the common regulations so great an ascetic, who prayed day and night (he even dropped asleep on his knees).

Leo forced himself not to increase Joachim's grief by burdening him with his own heartbreak.