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Word usage examples

Behind them came ambassadors from the city states of Athens, Corinth, Thebes and even Sparta, plus representatives from boeotia, Pherae, Euboea, Thrace, Illyria and Paionia.

But to have her lifted up in the gown of the victim, through which her limbs can be seen, to make a public display of her before the dregs of humanity we have got here, this bare-arsed scum from Locris and Aetolia, this beastly rabble from Boeotia and Attica, these rapists and butter-eaters from Epirus, these turds from Thessaly who come to take part in a military expedition armed only with hay-forks, is it for this I raised her?

I am also sure that its duplicate happened in Boeotia a couple of thousand years ago.

Will you march on the cities of the Chalcidice, or down through Boeotia to sack Athens?

I will send another two regiments into Boeotia and that will give them pause.

And they faced a solid mass of well-armed and armoured Persian Guards and at least 5,000 renegade Greek mercenaries, many from Boeotia and Thebes, men with deep hatred for the Macedonian conquerors.

Orion, the great hunter, pursued them in Boeotia, and they called upon the gods for help.

In the fifteenth, in the forty-eighth year of the priestess-ship of Chrysis at Argos, in the ephorate of Aenesias at Sparta, in the last month but two of the archonship of Pythodorus at Athens, and six months after the battle of Potidaea, just at the beginning of spring, a Theban force a little over three hundred strong, under the command of their Boeotarchs, Pythangelus, son of Phyleides, and Diemporus, son of Onetorides, about the first watch of the night, made an armed entry into Plataea, a town of Boeotia in alliance with Athens.

Some Phocians also were in the plot, Chaeronea being the frontier town of Boeotia and close to Phanotis in Phocia.

Succours accordingly flocked in from all parts of Boeotia, Hippocrates not being yet there to make his diversion, and Siphae and Chaeronea were promptly secured, and the conspirators, informed of the mistake, did not venture on any movement in the towns.