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Word usage examples

Only a diner familiar with the hotel for the last forty years would consider the selection exciting: French onion soup instead of bean, grilled salmon steak instead of fish and chips, chicken cordon bleu instead of chicken and dumplings, and roast prime rib instead of swiss steak.

Qwilleran said to the young man, "Is this supposed to be chicken cordon bleu?

Take it back to the kitchen and tell Karl Oskar I want chicken cordon bleu.

After dinner we persuaded her to let us clean up, and I found out what a pain in the ass it is to get chicken cordon bleu out of a baking dish.

So the officers, heeding the words of wisdom from Gris and Bleu, reevaluated their objections to the Hawk's order.

Captain Gris and Bleu were masters of camouflage and escape cartography.

And Captain Bleu, for an expert at camouflage, you stuck out like a plucked duck in your Phase Four station!

The escape routes on the ground had been exhaustively analyzed by Gris and Bleu, who were not only the best in the 246 business, but who would be using them as well.

Captains Gris and Bleu, dressed in tight-fitting police uniforms, stood erect and motionless behind the trunks of two Appian maples on opposite sides of the winding road motionless except for their right hands, which they flexed at their sides, thumbs caressing the short hollow needles that protruded from the inverted rings.

As the final two patrolmen came between the two maple trees, Gris and Bleu leaped out, hammerlocked both men with their left arms, and each plunged a small needle into his man's neck.