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Word usage examples

Following this, they would all drive over to the end-of-term concert at Bagley Hall, where Georgie's and Guy's younger daughter, Flora, and Kitty's stepchildren, Wolfie and Natasha, were pupils.

Cecilia's supposed to be going down to Bagley Hall this evening to some end-of-term concert.

Envious of Boris's genius both as composer and conductor and not wanting competition at the London Met, Rannaldini had actively helped him to get the job at Bagley Hall, not least because he felt his daughter Natasha, and his son Wolfgang, who was in his last year and musically disinclined, could do with some decent teaching.

Natasha Rannaldini, who saw herself as the victim of a broken home, thought 'Rock Star' was the most wonderful song, and that the reason she wasn't as popular at Bagley Hall as Flora Seymour was because she didn't have parents as happy as Guy and Georgie.

Although she had only been at the school one term, Flora had already established herself as the Bagley Hall wild child, determined to buck the system.

That's why he had been subtly punishing her since the Bagley Hall concert, finding fault with everything, making her feel even more unsure of herself.

She was particularly glad the row was made up because Flora was coming home on Sunday for her birthday before going back to Bagley Hall for the summer term in the evening.

She was carrying a torch for Boris Levitsky, who was still teaching at Bagley Hall, but looking increasingly gaunt and miserable at having left his wife.

Anything to get out of Bagley Hall particularly when Rannaldini sent the helicopter for her.

And as for Interflora, you can imagine what the boys at Bagley Hall made of that.