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Word usage examples

Search it out among these infantile, asynergic sparks of life-force that are Earth’s Pliocene Mind.

Now and then a face would peek out at them as they passed along the street, but a burst from an asynaptic pistol would cause doors and windows to slam shut quickly.

That night they slept easy, reassured by the sight of one of the Redowls patrolling alertly with asynaptic pistol in hand.

Right and truth and justice, in their relation to human affairs, are as asymptotes which, though continually drawing nearer and nearer to the curve, can never reach it but by a violation of all on which their own existence is founded.

The King rushed forward with all his cruel coordinates and mean values, stumbled into a dark forest of roots and logarithms, had to backtrack, then encountered the beast on a field of irrational numbers (F1) and smote it so grievously that it fell two decimal places and lost an epsilon, but the beast slid around an asymptote and hid in an n-dimensional orthogonal phase space, underwent expansion and came out, fuming factorially, and fell upon the King and hurt him passing sore.

Regular, mechanical, but somehow also a natural hum with the asymphony of bees on the swarm.

From this Broca - and after him many others - developed an entire speculative apparatus about how functional brain asymmetry was a uniquely human characteristic, and how adults, males and whites showed much greater such asymmetry than children, females and blacks.

Over the past four hundred years, physics has repeatedly progressed from assumptions of asymmetry to principles of symmetry and from assertions of absolute entities to relative events.

An asymmetry in the temporal lobes in left and right hemispheres of humans and of chimpanzees has been found, with one portion of the left lobe significantly more developed.

At this early point, this differentiation or asymmetry does not appear to have been strongly evaluativethat is, one sphere was not particularly more important or more valued than the other.