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Word usage examples

My name is Monk Freck, and I used to be a keeper in the state lunatic asylum where Isaac Apgar was confined.

Pertell became acquainted with a young farmer named Sandy Apgar, who was working a large farm for his aged father, near Beatonville, in New Jersey.

There was little he could say to make the sad lot of the Apgar family any easier.

Pertell paid a visit to Squire Blasdell in reference to getting permission to burn the old barn on the Apgar place.

Pertell left without carrying out his half-formed resolution of asking for more time for the payment of the Apgar mortgage.

Russ began filming the initial scene, where the actor comes up the gravel walk leading to the Apgar farmhouse.

This time everything went well, but Sandy Apgar was near at hand, though out of sight of the camera, to be ready to jump on the instant, if the horses showed any signs of fright.

Sandy Apgar when he arrived at the farm, some little time later, after having seen the mysterious man safely locked up in the town jail.

All I could learn was that it was hidden somewhere about the corner of the old barn on the Apgar place.

A healthy newborn baby, crying vigorously and moving all limbs, would ideally have an apgar score of eight to ten.