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Word usage examples

The unscrupulous man amasses wealth, lives in luxury and splendor, and dies in the odor of respectability.

And There Is No Denying the Scoundrel Rascogne de Sevigneois Amasses Coins At a Prodigious Rate, Of Which All Those Of Value to the Numismatist Are Immediately Handed Over to Il Conde, Who Stands Fair to Become the World's Recognized Numismatist Supreme As a Result.

No, Fox amasses information and assesses it—and so far it has always proven to be correct.

Whoever amasses the majority of the Truestones first will be the side for which we shall intervene.

For the sake of the veritable man of state Isambard, born to dominion, forgave the collector of castles and amasser of manors.

And so in the modern age, the amasser of useless facts is your only hero.

So I could do nothing: once I had deciphered the letter, discovered who had written it, and amassed more evidence, then perhaps I could present a stronger case, but until then I had to keep my suspicions to myself.

So I abandoned my original work and began the greater one, even though I had amassed considerable material by that stage and publication would, undoubtedly, have gained me both the fame in the world and the patronage of the mighty which have forever eluded my grasp.

WMD, no small concern in a nation that had once amassed a considerable arsenal of chemical weapons, biological agents, and Scud missiles, and was not now a model of governmental organization.

United States invaded with a force that was far smaller than the one it amassed for the 1991 Persian Gulf War and without waiting to carry out a long, preparatory air campaign.