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adread adream adregh adreid adren- adreno adreps adress adrets

Word usage examples

There was even a family resemblance, especially in the eyes- round, dark, wide, filling the big bony orbits, capable of seeing all, but adream, dreamy, as if drugged.

And then the eleven kings and knights put them on a heap all together, as men adread and out of all comfort.

When the knight felt that he was adread, for he was a passing big man of might, and anon he brought Arthur under him, and raced off his helm and would have smitten off his head.

That me repenteth, said Launcelot, of your hurt, but I was adread of treason, for I was late beguiled, and therefore come on your way into your pavilion and take your rest, and as I suppose I shall staunch your blood.

And then all manner of knights were adread of Sir Palamides, and many called him the Knight with the Black Shield.

Then Sir Galahad heard her say so he was adread to be known: therewith he smote his horse with his spurs and rode a great pace froward them.

In all the Court there was not, to my sight, A lover true, that he was not adread, When he express* had heard the statute read.

When Sir Galahad heard her say so he was sore adread to be known: therewith he smote his horse with his spurs, and rode at a great pace away from them.

Firstclothed in Man's flesh it came, crowned with adread helm of great darkness.

The raw struggle for survivalhad been won, leaving Ro with a sense of failure and adread of the killing to come.