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Word usage examples

The problem was that the myxo virus evolved to serve its own interests, which differed from ours as well as from those of the rabbits.

Thus the army of minionettes, who perceived the myxo siege as the utmost delight.

White began to form on his own skin, the first glistening of the myxo slime.

Then on to another stream, a safe one, where he washed the repulsive myxo off her body and the blood from her hair.

She had been able to move well enough for a while in the tunnel, before the myxo siege, then relapsed.

And those of us with minion blood are capable of resisting the myxo, so that if Chthon prevails, the result is not a controlled human mind but a zombie.

Arlo had a brief vision of Ex suffering from the myxo, or torn open by some great wolflike beast, and decided: he could not risk breaking the contract.

Arlo pulled up her brief metallic skirt to verify that the myxo extended all over her body.

Resistive to the myxo and ever more sophisticated about the assorted menaces of the caverns, they routed out the underworld creatures Chthon sent against them.

The myxo virus, native to a wild species of Brazilian rabbit, had been observed to cause a lethal epidemic in European domestic rabbits, which are a different species.