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Word usage examples

Now he had nothing: no money -- well, very damn little, just enough to survive -- no dorazine to sell, not even the name of a contact in Sardonyx Sector.

He wondered if, by some lucky chance, Russell might be working Sardonyx Sector.

Indeed, the redhead had warned him sharply that if he was planning to turn drug courier, he should stay well away from Sardonyx Sector.

The drug runners were bringing in comine, nightshade, tabac, zimweed, but the pressure was on in Sector Sardonyx, and no one was carrying dorazine.

The colonies in Sardonyx Sector sent their criminals there, with tents and tools and packets of seed.

Each year the Net traveled to Sabado, Belle, Ley, and Enchanter, the other four worlds of Sardonyx Sector, to choose prisoners from their prisons to fill the Net cells.

The contract-slave system into which Sector Sardonyx impressed its criminals was no better or worse than methods in other places.

The Yago Net transports dorazine to the prisons of Sector Sardonyx, and nowhere else.

I could never work Sardonyx Sector again, and when word got around -- and it would -- no other sector either.

Transporting dorazine inter-sector is illegal, punishable by a high fine and a prison term, which in Sector Sardonyx translates to -- this.