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byrd fyrd hyrd wyrd

Word usage examples

I had long known the stupefying effect of bugloss, and old Wyrd had once told me that ragwort will make a horse go mad, so I used them both, and lavishly.

His heart was troubled, wondering if Glyn were meant to rule as the only king in Deverry, hoping that such was his Wyrd, yet knowing that the future was closed to him.

Eldidd coast, Nevyn had been wandering the kingdom and searching for the child who held his Wyrd in her soul.

Luck and twice luck, Nevyn told himself, thanks be to the Lords of Wyrd!

Meanwhile, Wyrd, to the vexation of the smithwife, kept demanding additional food from her, and kept making the rest of us gorge on it, to repletion and beyond.

But I do not know if he communicated any of those from the afterworld, because the only dream-counsels that I could recall when I awoke were those that Wyrd had already imparted to me while he was still of this world.

And true, if Wyrd and I had been a lengthy merchant train or a foreign army on the march, the Alamanni would have regarded us as intruders, and attacked and looted us, and either killed or enslaved us.

But, after much wrangling, I bought the Ethiope girl for a trifle less than that amount, leaving enough money for me and Wyrd to pay what we would owe at the deversorium by the time we left there, and to supply ourselves for the coming winter, and even a few siliquae to spare, for another purpose I had in mind.

Velox was sometimes coyly and friskily averse to being put to work in the early mornings, Wyrd showed me how to humor him into submission.

Wyrd had not at all exaggerated when he spoke of the power of a Hunnish war bow.