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hecatomb reentomb reintomb

Word usage examples

Margren and for an instant she saw Isranon: he stood upon the highest tier of an edifice similar to the Altar of Hecatomb with a staff of incredible power, calling down the winds, the lances of sunfire, and lightning to destroy the altars of darkness.

Instead they showed Aejys hanging in chains on the topmost tier of the altar of hecatomb as Margren shoved a dagger into her stomach.

The scene in the chamber of hecatomb now repeated itself in miniature on the central while continuing to play across the others.

It was only by such preventive steps that one could put a stop to the frightful hecatomb of newly-born infants, that incessant loss of life which exhausted the nation and brought it nearer and nearer to death every day.

But even when they came back alive they carried with them the germs of death, and another hecatomb ensued, another sacrifice to the monstrous god of social egotism.

June 4 and a veritable hecatomb followed as the Germans took savage revenge, after the manner of the old Teutonic rites, for the death of their hero.

They were human scalps, collected by himself, in the course of many campaigns, and brought, as a species of hecatomb, to the graves of the fallen.

The beauty of this woman who had hastened from that hecatomb to perfume her body and deck it with silk had no power of appeal to him.

And all through history it had been this way, Can-dace realized: that the crimes of the wicked paled into insignificance before the hecatombs piled up by the righteous, the self-appointed just.

Requitest for knee-worship, prayer, and praise, And toil, and hecatombs of broken hearts, With fear and self-contempt and barren hope.