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Word usage examples

It was to have been a glorious rebirth--but not all souls were approved, nor were all tombs inviolate, so that certain grotesque mistakes and fiendish abnormalities were to be looked for.

The tomb is recessed in the wall of the aisle, and consists of a lower storey for the coffin with a flat top, with a front of open stone work in eight divisions, each containing a quatrefoil.

Behind the walled-up arch also in this aisle is a tomb, said to have been erected either to or by Thomas Huxey, who was treasurer of York from 1418 to 1424.

In the westernmost bay of the north aisle is the tomb of William of Hatfield, second son of Edward III.

One bay east, and on the opposite side of the aisle, is the tomb of Archbishop Savage, who died in 1507.

Remembering tomb mounds of Alata, in the valley of the Onion, and the traps set there for robbers, he felt his way step by cautious step.

All she would have for company then were the stars above her and the spirit of the alchemist, whose body was preserved in a crystal tomb behind the fall.

The eyes must be placed in the tomb of the alchemist, where they belong.

What if the field around the amalgam affected the tomb, too, like the pan in the experiment.

This stench was nothing which any of the Fenners had ever encountered before, and produced a kind of clutching, amorphous fear beyond that of the tomb or the charnel-house.