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alvescot hop-scot lanescot pemiscot romescot soulscot wainscot wanescot wax-scot waynscot weanscot weinscot weynscot

Word usage examples

Her internship at Waynscot International, a fledgling marketing firm, turned into a fulltime position just before the company found a niche and market shares soared sky-high.

Then, only days after her first promotion at Waynscot, Angela got the call that told her Chryssie was dead.

The solid dark weight of the familiar furniture, the chest and aumbry, the chair and the prie-dieu stood out against the wainscot paneling behind them.

Here there was more change than the outside indicated, and Ward saw with regret that fully half of the fine scroll-and-urn overmantels and shell-carved cupboard linings were gone, whilst most of the fine wainscotting and bolection moulding was marked, hacked, and gouged, or covered up altogether with cheap wall-paper.

There was a flat with the reddest of new carpets, tasselled portieres and six steins with pewter lids arranged on a ledge above the wainscoting of the dining-room.

Turner watercolour behind the wainscoting so we can ballock the boss and eagle off to Monte Carlo.

Emmeline entered her home by a hall pannelled with dark wainscot, and surrounded by carved doors, surmounted with heavy entablatures.

None of the internal walls had been lathed and plaistered let alone pannelled or wainscoted so that the naked brick was everywhere visible, except where it was obscured by hangings in the drawing-room.

Another Alsatia existed depths beneath the soot-rimed surface of timber, stone and thatch, behind a hundred wainscots and boarded entranceways.

The dark maroon carpet complemented the walnut wainscot and the stark white walls.