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Word usage examples

Jane watched as he directed Ascot along the path that skirted the wood, riding the magnificent beast with incredible ease.

Who was Rossmere to ride Ascot with such careless ease when Richard had met his death on the huge brute?

Jane turned her head from the sight of Rossmere on Ascot and willed away the irrational resentment.

Another of them objecting to Ascot, he thought with a touch of annoyance.

When he was given his head, Ascot surged into a gallop that had its usual effect of filling Rossmere with total abandon.

In a village the size of Lockley, there would be gossip if he failed to reappear and claim Ascot within a very short period of time.

He remembered Richard telling him he had always wanted to race Ascot, had in fact given him that name because of his plan.

As he walked away, he decided not to bring Ascot to the enclosure until just before the race.

His decision to lead Ascot around the long way to the racetrack only avoided the crowd for a short while.

As they encountered more and more people hurrying past, Ascot began to prance with nervousness.