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Word usage examples

This was strongly set forth in the ethical voluntarism of William of Ockham, who grounded the natural law of morality on the will of God.

Their dogmas, compared with those of the ancient philosophers of Greece and Italy, give a complete representation of the whole system of the Stoics and Epicureans, mixed with astrological superstitious, and some traits of Pythagorism.

I was upset by all the hucksterism I saw, but now I know it's only surface glitter.

Stated thus, the movement won a host of converts not only among the stupid and oppressed but among the intelligent as well, who saw in its selflessness an alternative to the tawdry hucksterism of the "open college"

It is the radical end to all egocentrism, all geocentrism, all biocentrism, all sociocentrism, all theocentrism, because it is the radical end of all centrisms, period.

The transcript of Kid Twist’s testimony makes some of the most horrifying reading in the history of gangsterism: how, for example, Pittsburgh Phil set fire to the body of a murdered mobster, purely for the pleasure of seeing him burn.

It is a monstrous combination of uncompromising idealism and unscrupulous gangsterism, and thus devoid of the humor and humaneness which enables confessed rascals to sit down together and work out reasonable deals.

And then the collapse of Soviet Communism caused a new influx of Russians, escaping from hard times and from the new gangsterism, or simply to do business.

They were so good at what they did that they ended up actually exporting their brand of gangsterism to other countries, particularly America.

It is packed with the sort of slightly out-of-date gangsterisms that anybody could pick up from a Mafia thriller.