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Word usage examples

The reason is that the yellow pages are the prime reference for re- 4 actionary shopping.

The other green, res Sandre, preferred to monitor propulsion and engineering, working with the reticent AI named Basho to use this time out of Hawking space to good advantage in taking stock.

He tucked the folder back into his briefcase, turned off the CD player, detoured to the bedroom to brush his hair and pop a breath mint, then checked his re, flection in the mirror on the back of the closet door.

Aug 2011, 16:11:53 GMT To: Tammy Gulyas, Argos Mission Liaison From: Argos PM Roland Threlkeld re: Argos trouble?

On the contrary, the struggles themselves are demonstrations of the creativity of desire, utopias of lived experience, the workings of historicity as potentiality-in short, the struggles are the naked reality of the res gestae.

His rebus agitatis profitentur Carnutes se nullum periculum communis salutis causa recusare principesque ex omnibus bellum facturos pollicentur et, quoniam in praesentia obsidibus cavere inter se non possint ne res efferatur, ut iureiurando ac fide sanciatur, petunt, collatis militaribus signis, quo more eorum gravissima caerimonia continetur, ne facto initio belli ab reliquis deserantur.

Res ipsa loquitur Mister Gribble, as clear as the chandelier falling on your head.

res ipsa loquitur He heard it as surely as if she had uttered the words only Keller would have said.

Panis angelicus Fit panis hominum, Dat panis coelicus Figuris terminum, O res mirabilis, Manducat Dominus, Pauper, pauper, Servus et humilis .

He favors ten-dollar knives over the hundred-dollar versions because when he loses the cheaper ones, he does not feel obligated, under the pressure of narcosis, to risk his life searching the bottom to res cue them.