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Word usage examples

If that shithead Burov came here with a piece of paper signed in Moscow, he could take these people to the Forty Years of October Sovkhoz and plow Yablonya into the ground.

People come to the kolkhoz and they need housing, but we have only one stove-builder.

He'd seen life in the days of private farming and in the days of the kolkhozes too, but that men weren't working in their own villages--this he couldn't swallow.

Otherwise, the inhabitants worked on the state kolkhoz or sovhoz, a kind of village or state cooperative.

Sharpe remembered, after Badajoz, meeting a weeping woman who had just lost her husband in the dreadful slaughter of that fight.

This city was not a place of trade, like London, nor a granite-faced fortress, like Badajoz, but a place of learning, of prayer, of grace, of beauty that had little purpose but to please.

Leroy, his face still terribly scarred from Badajoz, answered in his laconic voice.

Since he had met Isabella, the Spanish girl he had saved from the rape at Badajoz, he had become more religious.

Wellington needed Sharpe when there was a breach to be taken at Badajoz, but not now!

Huckfield was new to the Company, since Badajoz, promoted from one of the other companies.