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Word usage examples

And this particular frigate-TNS Pottawatomie Creek-was rather famous, one might almost have said notorious, as the personal transport of one Anton Zilwicki, late of Her Manticoran Majesty's Navy.

Nor was he given any opportunity to make visual observations during the crossing from Pottawatomie to your vessel.

And while I'll confess that I was very tempted to attempt to hack into Pottawatomie Creek's information systems and steal the information I'd promised him I wouldn't, I was able to suppress the temptation quite easily.

You have Steadholder Harrington's guarantee of your personal safety and return to Pottawatomie Creek.

And, while I'm being so free with my guarantees, I'll also guarantee Eighth Fleet won't blow Pottawatomie Creek out of space as soon as you're 'safely' back aboard.

Three days after this event Brown and his sons with two or three others made a midnight raid upon their pro-slavery neighbors living in the Pottawatomie valley and slew five men.

We were immediately after this accused of murdering five men at Pottawatomie and great efforts have been made by the Missourians and their ruffian allies to capture us.

Swift destruction of their property was visited upon all those members who were suspected of having a share in the Pottawatomie murders, and their houses were burned and their other property was seized.

From the portable electric chair in “The Executioner's Guild” to Jess Willard, heavyweight champion of the world in “The Pottawatomie Giant,” it's obvious you love to find something bizarre that really happened, and then embroider at will.

Andy Duncan’s “The Pottawatomie Giant” sets its events in the past—two pasts, take your choice—in the hope of shaping a more benevolent present.