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Word usage examples

I forget to list metaphysics along with religion, politics, and biological functions as maladroit subjects for polite conversation?

Our words had the energy and inflections of entertainment, but the jokes were feeble, maladroit, forced.

Then, upon reflection, it seemed a reasonable explanation for why a man so obviously maladroit would have a high post in the government.

Avosinger Pajunggeesh, the tale of an extraordinarily maladroit but lucky spaceman.

He explained the layout, introduced other employees with maladroit quips, and unapologetically boasted about the lavish decorations.

Crick, under the influence of her ninth cup of tea and her fourth hymn, ventured on the hope that it might continue fine, but a maladroit allusion on the part of the Saunders good man to the backwardness of garden crops brought the Feud stalking forth from its corner with all its old bitterness.

If the projected Elaine-marriage came off, and in spite of recent maladroit behaviour on his part he still counted it an assured thing, much of the immediate cause for estrangement between himself and his mother would be removed, or at any rate, easily removable.

He was hoping that when Welch had made the second of the two maladroit gear-changes which lay ahead of him, the conversation would turn in some other direction than the academic.

Her maladroit attempt to cover her lapse brought the heat of a blush to her cheeks.

I will regret having asked, but how did a literary maladroit like you ever receive a commission to write a book in the first place?