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Word usage examples

We'll start this off with a whispering campaign among the hobos, send it over the grapevine.

This was spring, and hobos showed up most frequently in Derry from late September to early November.

In Lewiston they were worried about tramps and hobos and that something called "the bonus army" would join up with something they called "the Communist riffraff army," by which they meant any man who was out of work.

It was only a house now, smelling damp and a little rotten, an unfurnished house where winos and hobos sometimes came to drink and talk and sleep out of the rain.

Us hobos got to help each other out-it's a tough enough life as it is.

The four crewmen who ran the caboose were not evil men, but when they had gone after the hobos they had swung their bats with actual glee, as if knocking helpless men over the head were sport.

We relied on lighting changes and use of different areas and levels, together with appropriate window gobos for the castle and dungeon scenes and a green follow-spot for the late King Verence.

When everybody who was going to had signed up with M & M Enterprises, Fine Fruits and Produce, Milo created a wholly owned subsidiary, M & M Fancy Pastry, and obtained more airplanes and more money from the mess funds for scones and crumpets from the British Isles, prune and cheese Danish from Copenhagen, ‚clairs, cream puffs, Napoleons and petits fours from Paris, Reims and Grenoble, Kugelhopf, pumpernickel and Pfefferkuchen from Berlin, Linzer and Dobos Torten from Vienna, Strudel from Hungary and baklava from Ankara.

Rather laboriously I transported home a Dobos torte from a very fine Viennese bakery in New York.