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Word usage examples

Elizabeth Ames knew that when the carriage door shut, when the last instructions were shouted out of the window, and when the frantically waving handkerchief disappeared in a cloud of dust, she would go inside, kick off her shoes, and succumb to the bliss of a cup of tea in the middle of the day.

Uncle Ames was forbidden by that same will to give them any, under threat of losing his own inheritance.

Uncle Ames was unable to aid them directly, there was nothing in the will that said he could not provide a roof, which he did, and promptly, too.

It was difficult for the old retainer to be serious about a person, even a doctor, who had been rescued from trees as a child and spanked on more than one occasion for disturbing the Ames beehives.

Miss Ames, I think that my father and Hippocrates would never have seen eye to eye on the matter of payment for hire.

Miss Ames, contrary to popular opinion, at least that which is noised about by physicians, being a doctor does not make me God.

Miss Ames is an excellent cook, so you could be in for a beatific experience.

Libby Ames to mind and cataloging her great beauty in his brain, storing away the facts in a calm, rational manner so he could recite them to Eustace in the future.

Libby Ames is just tall enough, and just shapely enough in all the appropriate places.

With any luck at all, you will never focus your glims upon Miss Ames, no matter how illustrious her fortune, or by virtue of whatever scheme your papa and her papa concocted so many years ago.