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aulfe balfe calfe colfe dalfe golfe halfe rolfe salfe selfe silfe uelfe volfe wolfe

Word usage examples

Jerry Aland, much more presentable now that he was combed and dressed, kept his eyes fastened on Wolfe.

Chrysom had built on the curving shore of Wolfe Sea was a great, shining wheel of seven towers circling the high black tower above which the Cygnet flew on a pennant furling and unfurling, by day and night.

I was really on edge because I was sure Wolfe would make himself obnoxious, and getting obnoxious with Dazy Perrit simply had no percentage.

My first thought was that Wolfe had got the funny notion that I needed all that army to subdue the fer-de-lance, as I had decided to call Manuel Kimball instead of the spiggoty, but of course Wolfe knew me too well for that.

As I climb into the interior of the vehicle, I can hear Wolfe and Haals as they scramble into position up top.

Gore, Johnny Keems, Dol Bonner, Sally Corbett were operatives used by Wolfe at various times.

When briefing Wolfe on the tapestries and telling us about his staff, Bottweill had called Margot Dickey his contact woman, Cherry Quon his handy girl, and Emil Hatch his pet wizard, and when I met Hatch I found that he both looked the part and acted it.

They managed a stiff smile when procedure demanded they appear in public with their spouses, to put across the polite fiction that all was well, but that was only to appease the Church and keep other Families from sniffing out a possible weakness in the structure of Clan Wolfe.

Raymond Thome and learned that the copies of the photographs were ready, I told Wolfe I was flipping the switch for the plant rooms for incoming calls and went for a walk.

Wolfe noticed it, and that was what kept him from going on and on and making a night of it unless Thome ran down.