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Word usage examples

The linguist and plant collector Augustus Margary survived toothache, rheumatism, pleurisy, and dysentery while sailing the Yangtze, only to be murdered when he completed his mission and travelled beyond Bhamo, in Burma.

Subsequently pleurisy, pneumonia, or even pus in the pleural cavity often result.

Sharp, shooting, lancinating pains occur in inflammation of the serous tissues, as in pleurisy.

I pitied the poor patient who could not venture to allude to his colic or his pleurisy until his physician was tipsy.

Polydore Virgil delivereth that Pleurisies were rare in England, who lived but in the days of Henry the Eighth.

But I was quite unprepared for the little biographies of doom that ran next to each name and date, column after column, page after page: apoplexies, dropsies, pleurisies, spotted fevers, bloody fluxes, 'murthers', starvations, plagues, poisonings, suicides – and so forth, an endless catalogue of long-forgotten tragedies.

It promotes perspiration without producing any excitement in the system, so is of value in pleurisy, typhus fever and other inflammatory diseases.