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Word usage examples

The gome vpon Gryngolet glyde3 hem vnder, Thur3 mony misy and myre, mon al hym one, Carande for his costes, lest he ne keuer schulde To se the seruyse of that syre, that on that self ny3t Of a burde wat3 borne oure baret to quelle.

There has cum a leter for a sertun persen this morning, with a Lundun posmark, and i do not now hand nor sele, but bad writting, which i have not seen wot contanes, but I may, for as you told me offen, you are anceus for welfare of our famly, as i now to be no more than trewth, so I am anceus to ascest you Sir, wich my conseynce is satesfid, but leter as trubeled a sertun persen oufull, hoo i new was engry, and look oufull put about, wich do not offen apen, and you may sewer there is sumthing in wind, he is alday so oufull peefish, you will not thing worse of me speeken plane as yo disier, there beeing a deel to regret for frends of the old famly i feer in a sertun resent marrege, if I shud lern be chance contense of letter i will sewer rite you.

Our Bisy Backson religions, sciences, and business ethics have tried their hardest to convince us that there is a Great Reward waiting for us somewhere, and that what we have to do is spend our lives working like lunatics to catch up with it.

From this rootless, dissatisfied ancestry has come the Bisy Backson, who, like his forefathers, has never really felt at home, at peace, with this Friendly Land.

Ful bisy was Grisilde in every thyng That to the feeste was apertinent.

Bot Arthure wolde not ete til al were serued, He wat3 so joly of his joyfnes, and sumquat childgered: His lif liked hym ly3t, he louied the lasse Auther to longe lye or to longe sitte, So bisied him his 3onge blod and his brayn wylde.

And right anon swich strif ther is bigonne For thilke grauntyng in the hevene above Bitwixe Venus, the Goddesse of Love, And Mars the stierne God armypotente, That Jupiter was bisy it to stente.

Yer conscience is aisy, Misther Straddle, so that yer belly is filled, and yer wages is paid.

Now me mind's aisy on that pint, for ye must know that Boss Arnot's in'ards are made o' cast-iron, and he'd have no marcy on a feller.