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compassioun discorsioun dubitatioun generacioun habourgioun perprisioun repleccioun similacioun suspescioun

Word usage examples

And if so be my destynee be shapen By eterne word to dyen in prisoun, Of oure lynage have som compassioun, That is so lowe ybroght by tirannye.

And eek his herte hadde compassioun Of wommen, for they wepen evere in oon.

This Alla kyng hath swich compassioun, As gentil herte is fulfild of pitee, That from hise eyen ran the water doun.

He was out-cast of mannes compaignye, With asses was his habitacioun, And eet hey as a beest in weet and drye, Til that he knew by grace and by resoun That God of hevene hath domynacioun Over every regne and every creature, And thanne hadde God of hym compassioun And hym restored his regne and his figure.

I se wel, that ye han of my distresse Compassioun, my faire Canacee, Of verray wommanly benignytee That nature in youre principles hath set.

Aurelius gan wondren on this cas, And in his herte hadde greet compassioun Of hir and of hir lamentacioun, And of Arveragus, the worthy knyght, That bad hire holden al that she had hight, So looth hym was his wyf sholde breke hir trouthe.