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Word usage examples

A single faint whiff of this, borne to Donald, on a puff of the night wind, gave him the very knowledge he wanted, and he at once began to move with the same caution that he had observed on the previous evening while creeping up to the fire-lighted circles of the victorious Wyandots.

All the time that Botts was standing near me I could catch that peculiar sweetish whiff which exhales from red-haired people.

She whiffed up the cuff, listened to the brachial pulse as the pressure was slowly released.

His jaw muscles bunch and his nostrils flare and pinch at a dreamed whiff of cadaverine breath.

Marnoo, that all-attractive personage, having satisfied his hunger and inhaled a few whiffs from a pipe which was handed to him, launched out into an harangue which completely enchained the attention of his auditors.

The scratch of his wool sweater and whiffs of naphthalene energized him.

The sea tossed its renovating brine to the determinedly sniffing animal, who went to his meals with an appetite that rendered him cordially eulogistic of the place, in spite of certain frank whiffs of sewerage coming off an open deposit on the common to mingle with the brine.

Roger took a deep breath, a whiff of dead whale mingling with the fecund scent of the salt marsh behind.

Tanalasta and Rowen were still a hundred paces from the bailey when they began to smell hints of death-the fetor of rotting meat, acrid whiffs of charred flesh, the musty odor of newly-opened earth.

In turning over, his face had come close to the big ashtray as it was oversetting and to the gushing kirschwasser bottle and he had gotten whiffs of stinking tobacco tar and stinging, bitter alcohol.