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Besides the veneration of the Alids, orthodox Islam has adopted another Shiitic element, the expectation of the Mahdi, which we have just mentioned.

While his Ansar followed behind him and gathered up the offerings, the Mahdi preached to them.

Finally they were to be expelled from the city to take their chances on the clemency of the Mahdi and his Ansar across the river.

You should wear only the jibba, which marks you as a lover of the Prophet and the Mahdi.

The Khalif Atalan has different tastes from those of the Divine Mahdi.

Mahdi died the two sisters, Rebecca and Amber, were taken into the harem of the new Khalif Osman Atalan.

This day, as was his custom, the Mahdi emerged punctually for the first prayers of the day, but so great was the press of humanity around him that Yakub caught only a glimpse of his embroidered kufi skullcap as he passed.

The Mahdi had forbidden the use of tobacco but he was in Omdurman, and Omdurman was far away.

Penrod Ballantyne's Arabic name abd slave aggagiers elite warriors of the Beja tribe of desert Arabs Ammi aunt angareb - a native bed with leather thong lacing Ansars - "The Helpers', warriors of the Mahdi ardeb Oriental measure of volume.

Even though the claim of the Ashraf to the Mahdiya was flawed, if one or two powerful emirs of the fighting tribes declared for them, Abdullahi would be sent to the execution grounds behind the mosque to meet his God and follow his Mahdi into the fields of Paradise.