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Word usage examples

The Palestinian organizer of the voyage, Avram Rabinovitz, had dug the chairs out of the bilges, mildewy and rat-chewed but serviceable.

Spruance was receiving the dispatches not in flag plot, but on a couch in the flag mess where he sat reading a mildewy biography of George Washington, merely initialling the message board.

He glanced up at the mildewy ceiling with its peeling frescoed cherubs.

The air inside the canvas curtains was mildewy and close, the mule smell chokingly strong.

Byron stalked out, galled by this frustrating finale to the long trek from Australia: a bureaucratic stone wall, mildewy with snide anti-Semitism, in a Marseilles consulate.

For Pamela, everyday reality was now Camilla, this hot mildewy Bengali town two hundred miles east of Calcutta, its walls stained and rotting from monsoons, its foliage almost as green and rank as the jungle, its main distinction a thick sprinkling of monuments to British officials murdered by Bengali terrorists, its army headquarters aswarm with Asian faces.

The room itself was a press-wood furniture, threadbare sheets and mildewy carpet sort of place.

A skankified couch, disemboweled lounge chair, and mildewy mattress stain an already scummy scene.

But Tamsin went on looking at me as proudly as though I really were her sister, dressed for a ball in her borrowed clothes, instead of my mildewy old bathrobe.

I went off to crawl under the covers, which were damp from humidity and gave off a mildewy odor.