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chewy glewy loewy prewy skewy spewy stewy thewy viewy

Word usage examples

Airy, viewy, aloof, dignified, censorious, yet in a light and gay manner, he had always been good company.

His body was trained by war, hunting and rough games, and although her vision was distorted by pain, tears and terror, she had an impression of wide shoulders and bulging muscle, limbs thick and thewy as the branches of a cedar of Lebanon.

After about two hours it was lukewarm, stewy stuff, but in the early hours of the morning it was nectar.

The stewy market street was crowded, made narrow by the press of people.

The driver, a Moor as Enderby took him to be, was stewy in the armpits -- no, more like a tin of Scotch Broth.

At which point I told him yes, yes it was exactly what I wanted, and then Stewy told me his marriage had ended because whatever he did he could never please his wife.

The meat, cut in strips, floated in a stewy soup made of wheat boiled in milk, egg yolks, sugar, and salt.

Cottage could never have been described as an eligible residence at any time, since it stood low on a cold, damp slope facing north, on poor, spewy soil, with no means of access but a hollow lane, deep in mud much of the year and impassable after heavy rain.

He gazed about the black streaming crags, the slopes between them covered with coarse matted grass, yellow viscous cabbages, many of them in a state of slow decay, or raw spewy earth, the dung of seabirds everywhere, and the whole enveloped in drifting swatches of mist or rain.

The rows were there, half an acre of them, dug as straight as a ruler in the poor, shallow, spewy, earth, and in them stood some dwarfish plants.