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Word usage examples

Nadir Shah of Persia began in just such a cave of Adullam, and lived to plunder Delhi with a host of Persians and Afghans.

All depends upon the prosperity of our affairs at Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Cawnpore, and Allahabad.

Mahommed Babar actually said, and swore to it in the name of the Most High, that in Delhi and such-like ancient places even in Ahmedabad and Lucknow--Moslems and Hindus had fraternized and sunk old grievances in the hope of combining to clear India of foreigners from end to end.

The men from Calcutta, Bombay, Delhi, Ahmedabad, Lucknow, Aden, Peshawar and the far North saw fit to be more polite to the judge and his wife than the Moplahs might have been if left to themselves.

In 1182 the Chandel dynasty was overthrown by Prithwi Raj, the ruler of Ajmer and Delhi, after which the country remained in ruinous anarchy until the close of the 14th century, when the Bundelas, a spurious offshoot of the Garhwa tribe of Rajputs, established themselves on the right bank of the Jumna.

The day after I saw Awadhi Krishna Cops patrolling the platforms at Delhi station with their security robots and guns that could kill both humans and aeais, Ashok began to mix up my modes of transport.

He worried that his reception in Bangalore would be no different from what he had experienced in New Delhi.

The plan of the commander-in-chief was now to scour the borders of the province with two columns, which, setting out in opposite directions, should meet at Bareilly, the capital where two of the Delhi princes had taken shelter with Bahadoor Khan.

The stones that represented the famous Star of Delhi were in a special burglarproof case in the exact center of the store.

This he did, once I had drawn a simple picture to show what I wanted, and from then on I was able to occupy myself for a few hours each day crocheting a shawl, as my ayah in Delhi had taught me years ago.