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apprefe beliefe costefe dialefe kaytefe midrefe o'keefe releefe reliefe reprefe shirefe shriefe taviefe

Word usage examples

Yet my comfort is that heretofore honorable and vertuous Ladies, and comparable but amongst themselves, have offered me rescue and protection in my greatest dangers: even in forraine parts, I have felt reliefe from that sex.

But when they departed, there remained neither taverne, beere-house, nor place of reliefe, but the common Kettell.

First, to imprint in their minds a beliefe, that those precepts which they gave concerning Religion, might not be thought to proceed from their own device, but from the dictates of some God, or other Spirit.

Full easie was for her to haue beliefe,Who by self-feeling of her feeble sexe,And by long triall of the inward griefe,Wherewith imperious loue her hart did vexe,Could iudge what paines do louing harts perplexe.