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Word usage examples

Wall, P D, and Safran, J Artefactual intelligence, in The Limits to Science, ed.

Then I had an erotic dream about ed, which upset me, followed by a nightmare about Citronella Pratt.

At first Rendle did not recognize the lumpen shape that entered, even when eder lit another candle.

Farmers threatened them when they rode over their fields, and eder would disdainfully throw each of them a handful of coins.

Ever since reaching the border of Haxus, Rendle had been waiting for word from Eder, but none ever came.

For wider studies of social violence and vigi-lantism in the United States beyond the South, see the essays in Hugh Davis Graham and Ted Gurr, eds.

I had a few extra million like Dead ed, I might have been tempted to buy this little ranchette, too.

Seems I conveniently forgot that I was actually present and witnessed my vamping, got winked at by the vamping party, and evenbonsoir ed.

But Eirik went to Wessex yestereve to see King edred and has not returned yet.

Common Sense Medical Adviser in Plain English or, Medicine Simplified, 54th ed.