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becky decky fecky kecky lecky pecky secky

Word usage examples

You always have known, or Martha has, that nobody can have everything just as they want it, and people will be pecky sometimes, and there will come down days as well as up ones.

Stoner, A week ago, just about this time, Frank and I were arriving at the Stoner homestead in far-off Holly Bluff--home of pecky cypress at its best, and Frank was getting a second look at his beloved paneling.

NPS employees was built of pecky cedar, but after years of use it smelled like a dirty ashtray.

You forget that he parted from Sessle on the links in full view of Barnard and Lecky, and spent the evening in the Dormy House.

He asked Becky why she was disinclined to speak the word blood and to acknowledge that butchered and processed livestock continued to bleed into the polystyrene and plastic wrap of its commercial packaging material.

Transcripts were transferred and Betsy, Glover, Brooks, Rollins, and Little Becky were registered for fall enrollment at the Towne High School in twelfth, eleventh, and ninth grades.

David had carefully examined Becky, had started the IV, had done routine bloodwork and urinalysis, and had a flat plate and an upright X-ray taken of her abdomen.

Becky and Bruce were at the other end of the little wood with Muffin, she could hear their happy voices, and just for the moment she wished with all her heart that she could call a halt to time and stay there in the sunshine with the bluebells all around her and the thin evening light dappling the trees.

I should have had this epiphany three weeks ago, when Scotty stopped carpooling with Burke, Manda, and me and started getting rides from a girl named Becky who goes to Eastland.

At any rate, Becky seemed to understand how necessary a fresh supply of presentable hankies was to Harvey without his having to go into details about the carrot muffins and the burglars and the Niagara fall of gratified tears.