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Word usage examples

And something changed when Uther Doul came to be their guard, more than a decade back.

Or he could try to explain about Doul, in which case they would see him as a traitor, swapping secrets with the Garwater right-hand man.

And sometimes, to Bellis’ unease, Uther Doul lounged beside the gathering, leaning against a wall, his hand to his sword.

But with horror I saw Uther Doul emerge from the same room and eye me, his hand on his fucking sword.

He was moving slowly, obviously hoping not to hit Doul, but to intimidate him into submission.

Sengka was reeling back, shocked, holding his throat where Doul had jabbed him with stiff fingers (not hard but like a warning, finding a space between those vicious spines and taking the breath from him).

Whether an attack is brutal or muted, the motion itself, its preternatural speed and perfection, makes it seem like an assault on the order of things, as if time and gravity can no more withstand Uther Doul than flesh.

She saw Doul stalking without hesitation toward Nurjhitt Sengka, his blade held poised.

But Doul’s hands flickered in Sengka’s face then swung down to block his arm, and then Doul was standing a few feet back, and the cactus-man was doubled up and cursing as sap dripped from his smashed nose.

He stood for a moment longer, looking quickly around him for the ravenous she-anophelii, a part of him still hoping that they might kill Doul, but knowing that they would not.