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Word usage examples

He'd timed the High Priest's invocation to the gods and then subedited heavily.

He’d timed the High Priest’s invocation to the gods and then subedited heavily.

At its own expense, as an additional contribution to the relief of the crisis, Ticonderoga Studios would go back into the existing unshown episodes and re-edit to the new slant, so the Gelvarry character would be free to Go West, grow up, and change shows immediately.

It has been re-edited by Bekker for the new edition of the Byzantines, Bonn, 1838 - M.

I believe the film must have been re-edited by an incompetent who wanted to cut the running time and shape the picture so it more closely resembled The Sixth Sense: this would be perfectly in keeping with the exercise of "commercial instincts.

And there rose in his fancy such a pleasing and gorgeous picture of himself in the panoply of the North, hurling a hammer skywards amidst the plaudits of his clan and the ravished murmurs of the ladies, that he could not but congratulate himself upon this last master-stroke of policy.

Johnny Speight rang to congratulate Spike on the creativity of the shows, then Eric arrived at Number Nine and went straight to his office to add his plaudits.

Hisser won not-guilty-by-reason-of-entertaining-legal-defense verdicts for the most savage, unremorseful, bloody-minded, and ill-dressed murderers of its time, winning kudos, plaudits, accolades, and prize Cadi1lacs from the wards committee of the hoity-toity American Bar Association.

She and the verrul made a slow circuit of the arena, both of them nodding to the deafening plaudits of Greenhammer and Whitewing fans alike.

Peter Hofmeister and divers others of the magnates of the canton, were particularly loud in their plaudits on this repetition of the games, for, by a process that will be easily understood, they, who had been revelling and taking their potations in the marquees and booths while the mummers were absent, were more than qualified to supply the deficiencies of the actors by the warmth and exuberance of their own warmed imaginations.