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Word usage examples

Stengel, die die flockenartig zusammengesetzte Samenkrone trugen, die lose, luftige, wollige Blume, welche wie ein kleines Kunstwerk aus den feinsten Federn, Flocken oder Daunen gebildet dasteht.

Count Daun knew how to take advantage of these circumstances without hazarding a battle, to which the king provoked him in vain.

One regiment was almost entirely destroyed, the other pressed forward as far as the abattis, fighting so desperately that Daun was obliged to bring up large reinforcements before he could drive the survivors back.

In the meantime, count Daun had made such dispositions, that at day-break general Finck found himself entirely enclosed, without the least possibility of escaping, and sent a trumpet to count Daun to demand a capitulation.

This Chauntecleer stood hye upon his toos, Strecchynge his nekke, and heeld hise eyen cloos, And gan to crowe loude for the nones, And daun Russell the fox stirte up atones, And by the gargat hente Chauntecleer, And on his bak toward the wode hym beer, For yet ne was ther no man that hym sewed.

And in his geere for al the world he ferde Nat oonly lik the loveris maladye Of Hereos, but rather lyk manye Engendred of humour malencolik Biforen in his celle fantastik, And shortly turned was al up-so-doun Bothe habit and eek disposicioun Of hym, this woful lovere daun Arcite.

Wherfore sir Monk, or daun Piers by youre name, I pray yow hertely, telle us somwhat elles, For sikerly, nere clynkyng of youre belles That on your bridel hange on every syde, By hevene kyng, that for us alle dyde, I sholde er this han fallen doun for sleepe, Althogh the slough had never been so deepe.

With no tools and one good hand, Daun couldn't unwrap the guy wire that held him.

Niko Daun looked questioningly from the hovercraft to his commander, taut as the hammer spring of a cocked pistol.

He'd found the panoramic camera Daun glued to the coping of the facade weeks before.