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Word usage examples

On 21 April, the 148th Infantry left the road and moved almost due east toward the Trinidad Rice Bowl, to cut the Japanese escape route from the Baguio area.

Then, in the final action to cut off the Japanese retreat from Baguio north through Trinidad, the regiment crossed the Bowl and secured the hill mass north of Trinidad.

They were cheering, urging themselves on, even as the first tongues of quicksilver flame raced down the breaches of the Santa Maria and Trinidad.

Only the breaches in the bastions, the Santa Maria and the Trinidad, could be approached, and those were dominated by the enemy guns.

Antis Ecundor Newand Dangor Esthonia Dominica Bulgaria Reunion Italy Newfoundland Germany Luxemberg Angola Sarawak Tasmania Brazil Obock Oldenburg Kiauchau Tonga Obock Madagascar Egypt Afghanistan Trinidad Monaco Inhambane Denmark Nyassa Iceland Gabon Hayti Tunis The ink had not dried before The Shadow had completed the rapid listing.

Trinidad is large, because from the Cape of Galera to the Point of Arenal, where he was at the present time, he says it is 35 leagues.

At Macaca Cortez laid in some more stores, and then sailed for Trinidad, an important town on the southern coast of Cuba.

Maybe because Trinidad was English and Martinique was French, but they both belonged in the Caribbean and so did Rico.

Their limits to the south extend to near the ruined missions of Jesus and Trinidad.

Most of the country, with the exception of the missions of Jesus and Trinidad, upon the Parana, which to-day, at least, are only clearings in the primeval forest, is composed of open rolling plains, with wood upon the banks of all the streams.