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Word usage examples

Their attempt to protect their chil dren from anxiety is revealed as a way of concealing fear from themselvesa doubly guilty action: delay brings increased physical danger to the children and it causes Jack to be exposed to the toxic cloud.

If the givers are dead and the person has chil- dren, the edge goes to the child who is complete.

If she was right and Sherry was the one who had picked up that gun and pointed it at the father of her chq dren, then something had driven her to it.

dest for eleven years of local time that would be, he estimated, a little over ten years on Old Earth, since the shorter days on dest more than made up for the four hundred and two of them in a year.

That meant he had left Mars three hundred and fourteen years ago by Old Earth time, three hundred and thirty-eight years ago by dest time, ignoring, as he always did, the fact that it was virtually meaningless to speak of simultaneity on two planets so far apart in a relativistic universe.

On dest, no one had had any idea what was going on, so the question had never come up.

His computer had had records of the fleet being sent, but no records of why it had been sent, and so far as Turner knew, no one on dest had even realized the fleet was human in origin.

With the passage of time and his acceptance into Prauncer society, he had almost forgotten that he was the only person on dest not born there, a war-surplus cyborg centuries out of his own era.

If a ship from Old Earth was approaching dest, it might well be military and could be just as hostile as his own had been.

If it had fought enough before reaching dest, its armament might be depleted by use.