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Word usage examples

Long he abode in that chamber looking at the arras, and wondering whether the sitter in the ivory throne would be any other than the thrall in the greenwood cot.

Everywhere they saw men and women working afield, but no houses of worthy yeomen or vavassors, or cots of good husbandmen.

A clothes airer stacked with damp washing, a pram and a bed were crammed up against a cot from which he swiftly averted his attention.

 The abbot greeted him politely and offered him an iron cot in a cell with a south exposure, after apologizing for the fact that the guest suite had been recently exposed to smallpox.

Me and Biel, least we got a solid cot below the hall, and enough food for us and the girls.

It was some hours later, when the recorder was playing loudly in the middle section, that he looked up to see Biset, this time, standing by his cot.

That is to say, the Biter has such things, cots for the officers, all comforts of the home.

His cot was in the third corner, while a fourth actually held a small light safe that Brye had clamped to the floor with special locks.

He was waking up on one of the narrow cots in a small room in the caravanserai on Maracanda, and peoplelive, solid peoplewere forcing their way in through the window.

After a few more minutes of unsuccessfully trying not to think of what lay in store for a celibate nun in a meat show, I trudged over to the Man of Many Colors, who was lying very still on one of the cots, while the Human Lizard and the India Rubber Man took turns rubbing his wrists vigorously and mopping sweat from his forehead.