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Word usage examples

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While Attorney General William Barr initially refused, he eventually succumbed to media pressure, appointing one of his old DoJ cronies, Nicholas Bua, to "investigate" the matter.

But, as in the Oklahoma City case, the prosecuting attorney, Bua's law partner Charles Knight, manipulated and controlled the witnesses.

When the jury began giving credence to the allegations against DoJ, Bua quickly dismissed the jury and impaneled another one.

Sherman Skolnick and Mark Sato of Chicago's Citizens Committee to Clean Up the Courts filed a lawsuit against Bua and Knight, charging them with obstruction of Justice.

They informed Bua that they were going to circumvent the special prosecutor and present evidence to the grand jury themselves.

Judge Bua granted the motion of the government to prevent cross-examination on that point, and Zenner's offensive fizzled.

Judge Bua praised the prosecution for this action, which he described as "very responsible," then dismissed a juror and declared a mistrial.

Nevertheless, on September 9, 1991, Judge Bua granted Neidorf's motion for the "expungement and sealing" of his indictment record.