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dismayd marmayd mermayd

Word usage examples

And now they nigh approched to the sted,Where as those Mermayds dwelt: it was a stillAnd calmy bay, on th'one side shelteredWith the brode shadow of an hoarie hill,On th'other side an high rocke toured still,That twixt them both a pleasaunt port they made,And did like an halfe Theatre fulfill:There those fiue sisters had continuall trade,And vsd to bath themselues in that deceiptfull shade.

She comming forth, when as she first beheldThe armed Prince, with shield so blazing bright,Her ready to assaile, was greatly queld,And much dismayd with that dismayfull sight,That backe she would haue turnd for great affright.

As when a Faulcon hath with nimble flightFlowne at a flush of Ducks, foreby the brooke,The trembling foule dismayd with dreadfull sightOf death, the which them almost ouertooke,Doe hide themselues from her astonying looke,Amongst the flags and couert round about.

But the bold knight no whit thereat dismayd,But catching vp in hand a ragged stone,Which lay thereby (so fortune him did ayde)Vpon him ran, and thrust it all attoneInto his gaping throte, that made him groneAnd gaspe for breath, that he nigh choked was,Being vnable to digest that bone.

His vncouth shield and straunge armes her dismayd,Whose like in Faery lond were seldome seene,That fast she from him fled, no lesse affrayd,Then of wilde beastes if she had chased beene:Yet he her followd still with courage keene,So long that now the golden HesperusWas mounted high in top of heauen sheene,And warnd his other brethren ioyeous,To light their blessed lamps in Ioues eternall hous.

Whom so dismayd when Cambell had espide,Againe he droue at him with double might,That nought mote stay the steele, till in his sideThe mortall point most cruelly empight:Where fast infixed, whilest he sought by slightIt forth to wrest, the staffe a sunder brake,And left the head behind: with which despightHe all enrag'd, his shiuering speare did shake,And charging him a fresh thus felly him bespake.

Who when as now long time he lacked hadThe good Sir Calepine, that farre was strayd,Did wexe exceeding sorrowfull and sad,As he of some misfortune were afrayd:And leauing there this Ladie all dismayd,Went forth streightway into the forrest wyde,To seeke, if he perchance a sleepe were layd,Or what so else were vnto him betyde:He sought him farre and neare, yet him no where he spyde.

There Merlin stayd,As ouercomen of the spirites powre,Or other ghastly spectacle dismayd,That secretly he saw, yet note discoure:Which suddein fit, and halfe extatick stoureWhen the two fearefull women saw, they grewGreatly confused in behauioure.

All cleane dismayd to see so vncouth sight,And halfe enraged at her shamelesse guise,He thought haue slaine her in his fierce despight:But hasty heat tempring with sufferance wise,He stayde his hand, and gan himselfe aduiseTo proue his sense, and tempt her faigned truth.

Nigh as he drew, they might perceiue his headTo be vnarmd, and curld vncombed hearesVpstaring stiffe, dismayd with vncouth dread.