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Word usage examples

The Trayce ladies were ensconced in the personal traveling chariot of their great-nephew, the Marquess of Ashart.

Lady Thalia Trayce could be called pretty, with her fluffy white hair and big blue eyes.

Lady Thalia and Lady Calliope Trayce are staying at this establishment.

Then she ordered one of the three Trayce maids in the entourage to help the girl bathe.

It was Trayce money she was spending, however, so she went down to explain to Lady Calliope and Thalia.

The Trayce ladies began to hash over possible explanations for the situation, and the marquess took part, as innocent as an angel.

The marquess and the Trayce ladies had almost finished their soup, so she sat to hers, listening to chat about fashionable circles.

Lady Augusta Trayce, a sweet and lively young lady of sixteen, married Lord Grafton, heir to the Marquess of Rothgar.

If not for the Trayce ladies, Genova felt she might already be stark, staring mad.

If there are repercussions, Trayce power and influence will brush them away.