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Word usage examples

The room was a madhouse, with ABA employees trying to herd the reporters and the reporters clearly wondering, more or less out loud, how they were going to manage to put together any kind of wordage at all.

We carried Aziz out upon the trembling land, wrapped in my aba for a shroud, and we found a place where we could break through the glittering crust, and we laid Aziz on the quaggy quicksand under it.

Keca Aba, Ketche Avalon Mother Sun, to the Cheremis of Russia, was worshiped by bowing in the direction of the east each morning as she rose.

Turkish delight or cyclopedias, I want to go home to Aba and Button and Mr.

Iza and Aba were talking on one side of the large bonfire, died down to embers, while Ayla and Aga sat silently watching Ona and Uba play.

Zoug and Dorv can keep the fire going to keep animals and evil spirits away, and Aba can do the cooking.

The same feeling is, however, maintained by another institution, the aba, or common hunt, which is a reminiscence of a very remote past.

The common meal, like the festival at the old tribal folkmote--the mahl or malum--or the Buryate aba, or the parish feast and the harvest supper, was simply an affirmation of brotherhood.

Moreover, national abas, to assert the unity of the whole Buryate nation, are convoked from time to time.

In such abas the entire Buryate nation revives its epic traditions of a time when it was united in a powerful league.